Greensboro Airport Rotary – New Member Onboarding Checklist

It is our goal for each new member to become a Paul Harris Fellow after 6 months of membership and completion of the following checklist.

Read the following

1. Rotary Basics – you can download a 44 page version or do a 15-minute course online. The choice is yours!

2. GARC info

3. GARC Vision, Values, Strategic Goals

4. GARC bylaws

Update member profile on DACdb

Attend a GARC social

Participate in a Rotary service project

Visit another Rotary club

Join a GARC committee (attending a board meeting may help selection)

- Club Administration – Club programs, Member communications, Website, Social events

- Membership – Attracting members, Engagement, New member orientation, Diversity of members

- Public Image – Media relations, Advertising and marketing, Web and social media

- Service Projects – International, Community, Vocational, Youth Services, Fundraising

- Rotary Foundation – Polio, Grants (district, global...)


For extra credit,

Check out District 7690 website and read a couple of the most recent newsletters

Visit to get familiar with the Rotary International Foundation

Find additional online courses (5min-1hr each) to learn even more about Rotary

Take advantage of Rotary Global Rewards


Greensboro Airport Rotary – New Member Mentoring

The mentor should be someone who has something in common with the new member, has a welcoming personality, is committed to the club’s growth, and is knowledgeable about Rotary. Be sure that the mentor you assign has the time to devote to helping the new member become integrated into your club. While some mentoring relationships continue for some time, the first six months are the most important. At the first six month, the mentor may be asked to begin mentoring another new member.

Expectations for Mentors:

  • Be available to their mentee and let them know how to contact you – phone/email in case they have questions or concerns.
  • Check with your mentee regularly to make sure they’re comfortable.
  • Introduce your mentee to other club members – sit with them at meetings and maybe change where you sit to encourage meeting new people.
  • Encourage your mentee to invite someone they know to a meeting.
  • Help your mentee find information on Rotary or connect them with someone who can.
  • Talk to your mentee about how to get involved – committees, service projects, social, visiting other clubs.
  • At events, connect with your mentee and welcome their friends/family.